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Ovid’s Garden: Spring Flowers


Ovid’s Garden is in bloom! The top layer of golden gravel has been laid in time for the spring bulbs to blossom and their vibrant flowers have brought the garden to life.
Front ViewThe hyacinths were the first to colour the flower beds with their violet-red hues, followed by the bright white poet’s narcissi with their red-tipped golden trumpets heralding the spring.HyacinthsNarcissusThe cornelian cherry trees are growing more densely branched and leafy; the roses are also thriving and covered in buds, promising plenty of blooms come the summer.

There’s no sign yet of the anemone rhizomes planted in early spring, but there’s plenty of time for them make an appearance, and the Madonna lilies are just beginning to emerge in bright green spiral tufts.LilyWe’re waiting for the lollipop bays and olives to be delivered, as soon as they arrive we’ll be potting them in large terracotta pots and placing them around the garden paths.

Still to be planted this month and next are the wood anemones, violets, marigolds and poppies, which are being grown from seed to be bedded in once the threat of frost has passed. We’re also growing thyme, borage, marjoram, sage and mint for the herb bed, so it’s going to be a busy couple of months of gardening!Side View


2 thoughts on “Ovid’s Garden: Spring Flowers

  1. Wow!! This is beautiful! You can tell a lot of hard work has gone in to this garden! Stunning!

  2. Thank you! This is its first Spring, so very pleased with how its flowering and looking forward to see how it looks over the next few years once its had a chance to mature.

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