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Winterbourne’s review of Ovid’s Garden Party!

Digging for Dirt

Miriam Bay, Winterbourne House and Garden, Digging for Dirt Miriam Bay

All good gardens impart narrative; that is, they exist in conversation with the surrounding landscape, evoke memories of the past and give meaning to the future. Good gardens tell the story of their makers. Yet over time, that story often becomes not a permanent account of a fixed moment in time, but a fluid exchange which is as changeable as the people who engage with it. As the world changes so too does the meaning of the gardens we make within it. This concept of a constant but supple narrative, able to shift with time and place, has allowed University of Birmingham PhD researcher, Miriam Bay; landscape designer and author, Kathryn Aalto and the Winterbourne team, to create a garden which unites together the seemingly disparate influences of contemporary Birmingham, Roman antiquity and Edwardian England.

‘Ovid’s Garden’ was first conceived of by Miriam two years ago…

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